Licence or Buy The track

DiDs Music Studio Productions to provide  track ( Beat Making Service)

Decide what genre, what tempo, and a reference track as guide to what you're looking for. I will  then send you a track  which you can pay a one off licence for.  This includes 1 revision for more you would need to pay extra.

There are 3 options with the beat making service.

1: MP3 Audio File ( cheapest Option)

2: WAV Audio File.

3: Track Outs  ( Stems)

All of these are Non exclusive ( which means I own the copyrights and masters and can re-licence to other people.

      Buy The Track

Exclusive Licence (Buy Out) tracks vary in price. This due to how simple or complex the track is. I will negotiate the price. this will still only include 1 revision if further revisions need to be made again we will negotiate the price. With an exclusive track you will own all the rights and masters of the track. 

Please tell me the genre , tempo and provide ref track. 

The options for Exclusive  Beats (Tracks) are:

1: WAV  Audio Files ( Cheapest Options)

2: Track Outs (Stems)