What type of songwriter are you!

What is a songwriter exactly? Maybe you know maybe you don't. Most people have a good idea. However did you know that there are lots of different types of songwriter!

Lyricist- something that a lyricist isn't a songwriter. Thats simply not true.

Songs all have to start somewhere, true not all songs have words but lots of them do. Just because you can't play and instrument or come up with a melody. Some can hear a melody but have know way of turning that into something that isn't in their head. It doesn't mean you're not a songwriter.

Topline Songwriter - A Topline songwriter is a person who can not only write the lyrics but can hear a melody and are able to sing or play an instrument. Which they are then able to record.

Singer/Songwriter- is some who can play and instrument and sing their songs this is quite self explanatory.

Producer/Songwriter - A producer songwriter is someone who can create a instrumental track/beat and can write lyrics to it usually they are a top liner as well but not always.

They all songwriters all play in important part in creating a song so don't let anyone tell you you're not a songwriter if you are one of these. Without songwriters /producers there would be no songs.