Loved It

I took My 4 year old daughter to DiDs music studio for a pop star experience with her 10 year old cousin.  They both had a great time and felt like real pop stars! 

Di made them both feel really comfortable and was very patient with them.  I would recommend this experience for your young ones, it also makes a wonderful birthday present. We were sent the recording of the song very promptly which is also great as the girls couldn’t wait to hear it! 

Louise & Elodie 


Made my vision come to life

I have worked with DiDs Music Studio Productions for 2 months on a song called “Stars”.  I contacted her to ask if she would help me with my lyrics initially.  She helped me with the genre of song, by asking questions about my lyrics and made suggestions for different ideas on melody and composition.  She scheduled a session online every week to go through different types of melodies and beats from dance, pop and country.  I was able to get a real taste of her studio experience, regardless of the fact it was remote she showed me her high end equipment and how it works.  Her work ethic is timely and she was in constant contact to ask my thoughts on the  lyrics she was working on and how they would fit with melody  she had come up with. No matter what time of day or evening I contacted Di, she would always be on hand to offer her honest advice and critique which was invaluable to move the project along.  Her advice on how different melodies would work based on bpm, different instruments and how the voice of the session singer would fit was fantastic and it was also an exciting experience.  She gave me suggestions of different singers she works with to give me a feel of how it would fit with the Stars track.  Providing me with different versions of the track from the first verse was invaluable.  She valued my opinion which really inspired me to make decisions.  When it came to the final version of the song she sent me a melody guide which helped to understand how the singer’s voice would sound on my song. I'm very happy with finished mix and mastered version of the song Di was so encouraging throughout and I am looking forward to working with her on future projects.


Lovely Experience

My daughter India enjoyed herself very much at the pop star experience.  Di was very professional and ensured the children had lots of fun.  We will definitely return. 

Charlotte & India 


Highly Recommend

Di's  talents as a songwriter have enables me to see my lyrics develop and gain structure. She has imaginatively and creatively turned our thoughts and ideas into fully fledged songs, a number of which have been pitched and submitted to music industry briefs. Di is a great collaborator bringing fun and many music production skills to the table. I highly recommend working with this lady on your next project.


A pleasure to work with

I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Di on a few songs over the past years, and I discovered her to be a very
talented and committed songwriter and producer. She has the ability to create music within several genres to a very high standard,
which has culminated in her achievements within the music industry to date. I wish her every success in future endeavours and look 
forward to working with her for years to come.


Looking forward to working with her again

I contacted Di via a third party website to help me complete a song.  Not only did she help me finish writing it, she also sang on the song as well. This song has been pitched many times and has a sync licence for a big telecommunications in Africa As well a publishing deal. Very happy with the work we did together. I will definitely be working with her again.